“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb

I decided to leave the standard medical arena and focus on more eastern-based natural therapies. I healed myself from a life-threatening illness using a combination of alternative based modalities.

In my experiences, I witnessed some interesting trends: Even when patients were physically healthy again their concept of self-perception was still “off.” They were slightly depressed and exhibited signs of dis-ease.

Why is this?

It was around this time I began to explore more of the brain: specifically, NLP. The simple explanation is that we are like computers. We run programs, and if there is a virus per se we have the ability to reprogram the system to run in a new improved, updated version.

We all have incidents, accidents and events that occur in our lives. Some are negative…same people as when we were five. These events shape us, and we now have our story. Words that clients use are, “stuck” or “spinning.” Trained NLP practitioners like myself hear the language and can help reprogram these events, bring knowledge and awareness so they become experiences that we can grow from and move forward.

What we know in Emotional Wisdom Training and Core Alignment Coaching is that life is happening all the time. With life there will be events that sometime become incidents and at times even accidents. When events, incidents and accidents occur, our core programming seeks the best way to support us so that we continue surviving, living and thriving. The automatic reaction that occurs under the surface begins first with a feeling, which brings about a thought, and then we take those feelings and thoughts and attach them to a new or old belief. When we are aware of what is occurring, we are able to respond instead of just react. We are able to choose the belief that moves us forward instead of accepting a belief that is holding us in place, (unconscious mind) or as people often say, has them stuck or spinning. Trained NLP practitioners like myself hear the language and can help reprogram these events, bring knowledge and awareness to them so they become just experiences.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the programming of our neurons from our language. The language you use is recognized, reorganized and reprogrammed to support you in a resourceful way.

We all have our unique “maps” of reality. We are a complex and unique mix of inborn genetic potential and the molding effects from the people and experiences of our lives. Science has now proven that emotional and social development is at least equally as important as is the cognitive development of the growing infant and toddler, and for adaptability and success later in life.

We humans store the memory of our life experiences as sequences and montages of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory representations. These are stories based upon our beliefs—beliefs amplified by the language we use.

We can dial different meanings into our brain and neurology that literally change our experience and sometimes our memories. It is thought that since the human brain/body being is generally aspiring towards higher evolution, and that human neurology often reorganizes itself in resonance with a more elegant way of functioning when the system is offered a new experience that offers a choice in addition to the old, patterned way of doing things.

Replaying old patterns in new ways and adjusting the language we use will actually change the event, incident or accident into a learning we experience. Instead of being traumatized by the drama, we can be motivated by the awareness of the occurrences throughout our life.

Thus, when we create new neuron paths with different language, we realign the beliefs and move ourselves form being limited by our past to being motivated in the present and move towards the future we know is possible.

Events happen every day, all the time and continuously. For instance, waking up in the morning is an event, we also plan for events throughout the day like a lunch date or grocery shopping. We have casual events that occur and then we have monumental events like weddings or graduations that we schedule into our lives. With these events we have expectations. There are emotions attached t them as well. Due to the expectations and emotions, often incidents and accidents occur around these events in our lives.

An incident is something that occurs that we might have been able to prevent that impacts the events in our lies. It is like getting a speeding ticket on the way to work or on the way to a party. Another incident is being late or totally forgetting to attend an event you planned to attend. With these incidents there are judgements and comparisons involved. We had an expectation and when an incident impacts a planned event our core gets triggered and we begin to judge and compare. Judgements and comparisons revert us back to our core and are associated with a more childish perspective. Comparisons are associated with our childlike parts and judgements are associated with our parental parts.

Accidents are things that happen to us in our lives that we could not have prevented. It does not mean that the impact was not preventable, it only means that we could not have prevented it from occurring. These are things such as an auto accident, an illness or a death. Those things that are really, totally out of our control. Again, as with an incident, our core is activated, and our programming is triggered due to seeking some way to cope. During life we all experience times when we go from being totally in control with a clear plan to being totally out of control where we are not prepared for what has happened. This is the reason that we revert to our prior programming, seeking a belief that will make sense out of a situation that appears to be senseless such as an unexplainable accident.

A skilled practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming can help your system have the experience of new choices from which you can incorporate or discard resources, insight and healing.

– this page contains reproduceable material with permission from Core Alignment Coaching

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